The MORENO Group will help you throughout every stage of the home buying process and connect you with top professionals in the industry including mortgage lenders, home inspectors, home insurance companies and qualified professionals. Our goal is to assist you in achieving your goals, to ensure you a seamless transaction and be by your side each step of the way! Honesty and integrity are at the heart of The MORENO Group and we will not only provide you a real estate transaction, but a relationship you can count on for years to come.

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1. Find a Realtor! The most important quality you are looking for in an agent is someone you can trust.
2. Get in touch with a mortgage lender & obtain financial pre-approval. This is the person who will give you a better sense of how much home you can afford.
3. Analyze your wants and needs in a consultation with your Realtor.
4. Finding properties of interest. Finding a home is not a process of selection; it’s a process of elimination. There is a right way to look for homes and there’s a wrong way. A good Realtor will understand the difference.
5. View properties and select a property to purchase.
6. Write an offer.
7. Mutual acceptance - This occurs when both parties have agreed, in writing, to the terms and conditions of the contract. All contractual timelines follow from the day after this date. The contract is now legally binding.
8. Earnest money is deposited. Typically, this happens within 2-5 days after acceptance.
9. Inspection and Renegotiation. The inspection period is typically 10 days followed by a 5-day renegotiation period which allows the buyer to request repairs by sellers, a price adjustment, the ability to cancel the contract or simply, to accept the property in its present condition.
10. Appraisal - The appraisal is the lender-ordered valuation of the property.
11. Escrow - Escrow is the neutral third party that assembles and processes all the components of the real estate transaction (including legal documents.)
12. Final Walkthrough. A final inspection of the property is imperative to ensure all repairs have been complete and no damage or alterations have occurred that was not agreed to.
13. Signing - Signing usually occurs at closing or 1-2 days before closing. The escrow agent will schedule your signing appointment and instruct you on what you need to bring to the table including a driver’s license and money, if any, to close on your new home.
14. Closing - Two events must occur for your transaction to close:
a. Funds from the purchase are available to the Seller.
b. Title to the home is transferred in your name and recorded.
15. Possession - You are given keys and have the legal right to take possession of your new home.